Anomalous Flickering Artifacts in Animation Using EnvMap

I’m going through the Blender manual to learn Blender and CG/animation. I just finished my first animation based on the reflective sphere and plane in the section on environment maps.

I’m getting some flickering in the animation on the sphere and on the reflection of the sphere in the water. What is the best way figure out and resolve this? This two-second animation took me three hours to render, so I hope I don’t have re-render this too many times!

If you want the blend file, get it at

Use the Unified Render option if you have to use Environment maps, otherwize just use raytracing (which may give you other “problems”… chuckle)


Raytracing looks like a better option. Renders a LOT faster and doesn’t flicker. Didn’t try the Unfied Render option. Here’s the updated AVI: