Anomalous game textures


I have a character that I am going to use for blender's game engine.  There's a problem though.  When I enter potato mode( I think its called), the form of the body appears hollow in some areas, if viewed in say an isometric view.  If you observe the model from the front view, you see what should be the back, and visa versa.  Its as if the program is intepreting the placement of the UV textures in reciprocal terms.  Has anyone ever seen or encountered this problem, and if so any answers to why this might be happening?


your normals are flipped

select the character go into edit mode “TAB”
go to edit buttons in the bottom right corner there is a button that says
“show normals” or “view normals”

press it

on your model you should see light blue dots or lines
if they are small go into edit buttons and raise the normal size (the button is above the “show normals” or “view normals” button

whichever side of the model the lines are on is the side you will see in “potato mode”

if the lines are pointing inwards select all the vertices around the face the normals are on and press “w” in the 3d window

from the menu that pops up press flip normals
and the blue line(s) that are on the faces you selected will be on the reverse side

continue untill all the lines are facing outwards

your normals or size is wrong

if your mesh is flipped [press the n key in object mode and check for negative scaling] this could happen

I’d suggest you just press control+a to make the transformation of the object go away and be applied to the mesh [I hope it isn’t the child of something or have an ipo yet, save first]

but more likely, your normals are wrong

in edit mode, select everything and press control+n to recalc normals outside

in gameblender, potatoe [aka textured] mode, and most 3d game engines, faces are by default visible from only one side.

:smiley: You guys were right the normals were wrong. Thanks again for all the help.