Anonymous the scriptor wip

Hi everybody, this is my WIP thread for the BG competition ‘Ancient Civilizations’.
I’m planning to update this until the deadline, any advices and critiques are welcome. :slight_smile:

Latest update.

Here’s the first test render of the candle. Cycles 0.5k samples.

This one is going to be the quill.

The hand is almost rig-ready after a bit of sculpting…

And this one is the imagined position of the meshes (yet low-poly).

The rig is finally completed, one less thing left to do! :slight_smile:

It’s starting to take shape now…

I used a simple plane with a displacement and array modifer as a wall in the background to emphasize the image’s atmosphere.

hmmm first thing that hits me is the big empty space in the top left, from a composition point of view id say the bottom right is a little side heavy, feels a bit odd to look at, if you get what i mean

or is that just me?

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:
I’m going to put a reflection of a gothic window there, and some dust particles in front of the lens, which will help balancing the composition.