Another 2 questions...Help!

hi this are my questions:

How can i do an object (Empty) track another in my HUD or overlay scene?, i want it tracks an aim point in my HUD.

How can i make space debris like the ones from space shoothers?

Please help!

  1. You could use the camera.getScreenPosition(object) to get the screen position in the HUD scene, then in the main scene, transfer that back into normal coordinates (camera.getScreenVect(x, y)) and track.

  2. What kind of space debris? Like when an asteroid blows up or something? You could just set the asteroid to add a bunch of space chunks when a certain event happens.

Hope it helps.

1: i doesnt understand a lot of phyton…can you give me an example file?

2:the space debris that simulates the player foward movement