another 25 question! yay! :P

well, you remember that key combination in 249, Shift+E, it creases the subsurf against the mesh surface. where’d that go in 25? (as in my last thread, i wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t there yet). i looked but i didn’t find it.

i looked for it too, but (if i remember correctly) apparently it isn’t in yet - i asked :smiley: there’s the Median Crease box in the N panel, though, so that might work… i haven’t really used 2.5 that much though, apart from rendering scenes that would take forever to render in 2.49b :wink:

hope that helps! :smiley:

Crease in the N panel does work. That’s a weird place for it.

thanks, be there a keyboard shortcut yet? if not, i’ll just bone up on some python, make it myself.

It’s been in the Transform Properties (N) panel in earlier versions of blender.