Another AI vs artists thread

God, this freaks me out. Makes me want to blow up a bunch of silicon-valley corporation server clusters like I was Tyler Durden. I really need more soap. A lot more soap.

P.S.: Now I’m probably on a couple of lists.


Is this a software that ppl can try or you have to build it from source or coding?

At this rate, my ~2-year-old nephew will be able to just scan scribbles into daddy’s computer and have high-resolution masterpieces that are better than what I am making in Blender at 33 years of age (after being at it for 18 years).

Just look at how well Nvidia’s AI is doing at converting 10 second doodles into photographs.

Indded. I can make much better images today knowing much less about a render engine than in 2001 when i needed to know every trick of 3DsMax scanline render.

AFAIK, there is no demo available.

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Get ready for the upcoming 5-10 years.
I foresee AI tools will be able to generate 3D objects (or even 3D scenes) from a text prompt.

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Better visually, worthless from an artistic perspective, and I believe that will always matter

After the AI phase you will be able to arrange things. But consider that some with better description capability might get far.

I have a lot to say about that, but I feel it’d be derailing the thread further – it’s useful to have a thread just for the presentation of new technology without it getting side-tracked into possible consequences. Could we take it elsewhere, either an existing thread, or make a new one?

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Good point Piranha4D

Yeah… you make a good point, this whole discussion is technically off topic. I’m going to split it off into a new discussion where you can share whatever you want :slight_smile:


Maybe having perpetual containment thread about AI imagery would be a good idea?
So this topic would not creep everywhere?


That is a good idea :thinking: we do seem to pretty regularly have the exact same discussion every two weeks or so. I’ll see what the other staff members think

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I’ll still be putting any new AI image technology on the topic New Technologies that i created.


Ok. Was really hoping to test this for a project. The results look quite good.

A lot of these tools will kill creativity, inspire laziness, and spawn a whole generation of 3D artists that aren’t artists at all. Why on earth would any so-called artist want an AI to create their art for them?
Fair enough, I’m all for tools to automate the more technical aspects of our pipelines and help with the more mundane tasks, but the ‘make art’ button? No thanks.


It’s not really art at all though. Art is created through human emotion and creative inspiration. Machines creating art is nothing more than a meaningless parody.


Do you think creating an object trough photogrammetry manually can be seen as art?

Instead lets say i want to create a 3D movie but i don’t have assets and this helps me finish the movie?


All this “tools” will kill “Art” in today meaning of word. Humans don’t love to feel defeated. Remember what happen to chess? Once when computer defeat human champion, humanity lose interest in chess.
So what is purpose to compete in game which are rigged before beginning? Why to waste years of training when every moron can push button and destroy your ‘art’ with ease? Why to deal with spoiled, lazy, slow, demanding artists when you can press button and save bunch of $$$$ and nerves?
I can like this all day. For sure humans love “beautiful” stuff, but human relationship and understanding of art will change a lot in the foreseeable future. Just like many other things.

I don’t think it’s that grim. These tools will never replace humans for creativity, because it’s impossible for a machine to be ‘creative’ - unless, of course, it goes full ‘Ghost in the shell’.

People still use 2,500 year old sculpting and painting techniques, even though they could use computers.
They will be used for more technical/laborious tasks, but not creative ones. Take mocap for example. It’s been around years, but even though it’s 100% realistic movement, it looks terrible against a skilled human animator’s work. Ironically, it’s lifeless.