Another appending problem

Okay so I’ve got this scene this guy hugging a snowman. Except he has no eyes. So I went to one of my old .blend files and went to append the eyes from that.

Except when I go to append it I can’t see it on the screen. Its not there. This happens all the time for me.

Heres what I do:
Shift F1
Select .blend file
Click object
Select the object

What am I doing wrong.
PS. Sorry if this has been asked before. I’ve already searched Elysiun.

First make sure you selected with Right mouse button.

Also the appended object appears at the same position and on the same layer as the original blend. You might just need to zoom out to see it.

Okay that was weird.

I tried appending again then gave up and went and had lunch.

Came back and my appended objects were there. Like it takes 5 minutes to append. :expressionless:

Anyway. It works. Thanks anyway. :wink: