Another attempt at realistic grass

I need more realistic grass. Here is my latest attempt:

Note there are some errors in my alpha map.


I ripped up a plug of grass and scanned it.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

interesting, but the grass should “come to a point.” Right now it looks a lot like easter basket grass.

Here are some other sources of grass kind of stuff. The first two use the same technique that you have - using planes. Hope this helps a bit and allows you to expand your options. :slight_smile:

Grass with Partical Duplicators (I believe this is a test of the soon to be released 2.35 - uses an approach much like yours - planes):

The Beast (using planes):

And Ripsting’s Fiber 2.03 which can be found here:

it looks a lot like easter basket grass.

or astroturf! - very effective for that!