Another Audi R8 ...

Hi everybody,

I wanted to further experiment materials on complex curved surfaces, lighting and compositing; so, I used a model in IGS (by Mr. Merrad), imported it into Solidworks, then in Blender; then, I made some adjustements and mesh cleaning, fixing some issues as well. I have added also a detailed Brembo Disc brake.

What do you think?

Critics and plause are equally welcome: should you like to check a few more renderings, see my Portfolio on Behance, here.


Modelling looks not bad, the overall scene and colorsetup maybe could be improved :slight_smile:

Hi Eric,

thanks for your comment.
The modelling can be improved, but - since I choose to use an existing IGS - I had to manually ‘mend’ the meshes once in Blender ( a real nightmare). Nurbs are great for perfectly curved shapes, but the meshes generated in the conversion process are really full of way too many vertex…next time, I will probably want to learn how to model nurbs surfaces directly in Blender.

Regarding the lighting: there’s one sun only, and I have used sIBL scenes just for that. Unfortunately, though, the sIBL GUI does not work properly in Blender 2.77a (I have opened a ticket for that, but I assume that Jed Frechette is not controlling the bug report continuosly). Anyway, even when the plugin was perfectly working (like in 2.72), the accurate positioning&aligning of a model over the scene is not a quick and easy task: the sIBL controls are great for lighting, but it seems to me that the GUI (GUI 4) is not updated as it should (you can
only rotate the scene-sphere, but no scaling nor location controls are usable). Which is a pity, since I think that sIBL could be a great tool.

I’ll try manual HDRI, then: and I want to better fix the materials for the car’s lights, snce there is too much internal reflection-interaction between the inner light casing and the external glass.

Once done that, I’ll post some more renderings.



Ok, so I have re-modelled the car’s headlights, also setting up a few better Scenes (sIBL).

Comments - good & bad - are always appreciated. Thank you!



I’d be more impressed if you modeled the car yourself. I don’t see the fun in taking a free model and editing slight details, why not create it yourself?

Hi keseyrage,

thanks for your comments. Basically, I do agree with you. But …

As I wrote, I decided to experiment with materials and Scene setup on a car; that’s why I’ve used an existing model. I’m now in the process of developing&experimenting materials and scenery integration, which I need to improve.
This Audi R8 is just a personal case study, not meaning to ‘impress’ anybody.
The issue here is not modelling (I think I’m a quite good modeller, though: please check my current work-in-progress on the Boeing 777 external modelling, attached), but lights, materials, scenery, and rendering. that’s the issue onto which I would like to get comments.

While working, I’ve discovered that to ‘manually mend’ a mesh from IGS is a real nightmare, and will undoubtedly make my own model next time. But - probably - I’ll go for another car.

By the way, in this current model the whole headlight group has been remodelled from scratch by myself, since it did not correspond to actual part.

Thanks, best



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