another b3d exporter [help needed to fix it]

Firsty hi :wink:
So here is the deal. I downloaded b3d exporter made by Luke (Irrlicht contributor) but it has several bugs. There was nasty python error when exporting static meshes, i fixed it. Another bug is that exported mesh is mirrored according to y axis. I tried to fix it - half job done. I made mesh to be not mirrored any more. Another problem came out. Normals are inverted and i cant get them to be exported as in blender. Maybe someone could take a look at script?

Orginal exporter
Fixed version of exporter

just had a quick look…
some more fixes can be made

  1. Object.Get() is no good for exporters, This will export objects from all scenes, overlapping.

sce = Blender.Scene.GetCurrent()
for ob in sce.objects

  1. faces now are only ever 3 or 4 verts long, so no need to check they are 2.

  2. dont get the matrix for every vert. calculate the matrix outside the face loop. then run “me.transform(matrix)”

  3. Materials can be ‘None’ so check for that before getting their name.

  4. Moving from NMesh to Mesh would be good for this script but only a suggestion.

Great, will it support more than one set of UV-Coords?

Great job Roxaz! Looking forward to testing your mod version of the script out :wink:
keep us posted and let us know of updates.

Yes this is great! Thank you very much for your effort.

Has there been any more improvements to this I have been trying to export an animated model and it always say error check console but i can export the base cube fine any ideas?