Another baking problem

Hello again, I seem to be very unlucky when it comes to baking my textures.

Ok so this time I have two models, one low-poly which is unwrapped and one high-poly which I want to bake the textures from.

I align both models and then I select the high-poly and then select the low-poly so it becomes “active”. Then I create a new image in the UV/Image editor, select my baking settings (I check the selective to active option) and click “Bake”. After about 30 minutes I get the message “Could not find image to bake to”.
It’s pissing me off, I have tried to change the order of selection, saving the image before baking and nothing works, the image I created just disappears :eek:

Any help? Pretty desperate here :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to make sure you have unwrapped the mesh as well. In edit mode, select the mesh to bake to, select u, and choose an unwrapping mode. Once this is done, you should see the unwrapped mesh appear in the UV editor. NOW open a new file, and then do the bake.



Thank you Matt, that seemed to solve my problems :slight_smile: