Another basic AI demo, but with NO PYTHON (version 1.2) (works with slopes)
That’s right, just logic bricks, not a single python script anywhere, meant to show basic AI movement and such

-Only two main objects for direction, one that turns the bot left and one that turns him right
-Simple going around a wall using objects (goes along the wall a little, but doesn’t get stuck)
-Simple sight, when the cylinder is seen with the vision object the bot will go and destroy it by running into it, and then stay off course until he runs into a left or right object

-Found out well placed left and right objects can get the bots around the walls, even better then what I had in place before
-Added some interactivity with the cylinder
-Bots avoid each other
-Changed the method of ray sensors to the vision object to a collision sensor, means less bricks with adding more bots
-Multiple bots.

-Found out using Dloc over force is very effective, allows for slopes too
-Tweaked vision objects to see up hills
-Graphical tweaks (press P to see the new alpha value for the left and right objects)

Something quick I whipped up


very cool!
Nice and minimalistic, you could have a bunch of these guys running around, and not take too much of a performance hit.

Thanks, I guess this simple, but nice looking setup wouldn’t take too much FPS, I’m don’t have plans to use it to a big amount in the near future, but you’re free to use this system in your own games or implement its ideas into other AI setups.

Version 1.1 up (see first post)

Nice one!
I like how you do not need path nodes or way points .

That is one of the biggest problems with the Simple AI I created for the tutorial,
Sometimes the Trackto gets broken and the bots go into an endless spin.( I have a work around but it is still a pain in the arse )

well anyways, keep up the good work :smiley:

And version 1.1 actually cuts out a few logic bricks for the bot and player (on a per bot basis) and removes the little object on top.

I think an advantage of this simple minimalist system is that it’s easy to set up and use. To add an extra bot all you need to do is this.

1). Add a number to the vision property for the vision object.
2). Set the bot to recieve a unique message by adding a number to it
3). Add 3 new bricks to the player, the sensor senses the new vision property, and and actuator sends the new message.

Links broken already…

Perhaps try it again, I just test downloaded it on my computer via this forum and it worked.

EDIT, 1.2 up

You notice on the L-shaped overhang I didn’t put the left and right objects on any side but one, I thought of putting them on all the sides but just adding 3 more wouldn’t be worth an update. I encourage you to play with it. make walls surrounded by left and right objects, re-arrange and add new left and right objects, change the topography and shape of the floor ect…:yes:

whoops. It works. very good.

I guess this is just what I needed!:smiley:
A thank you is you. I needed this for my project which I think you read about…Any way, I would better like to know how to set up An armatured object to use this system. Tutorial please?!?:smiley:


I don’t have any experience with armature objects in the GE, so I can’t help you there. Theoretically if it still can use the rays and vision object it should work.

all you could do is make your character mesh clear all collision detection, create the armature parent the mesh to the armature, attach the vertices you want to the bones, make a couple of action, select the existing ‘‘player’’ (wich have all the logic and bounds) go to UV mode set all the faces invisible, parent the armature to the ‘‘player’s Bound’’ and create a couple of logic for the action of the armature, (ex: when press ‘‘W’’ — loop stop '‘walk’'action)

Mico27: You are now promoted to “AI Director” in the credits of my (still) unannounced project. But with this little gem, I may give out a demo soon…

Cyborg Dragon: For pointing me to this, You get special thanks. or maybe “Assissting AI Direction”. Or something…