Another bathroom render

can you please check my amateur work and give me some tips for improvement? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

That´s a good rendering with a pleasant atmosphere. - I think the bright light of the sun on the white counter and bathtub is a bit too much. I would look for an intensity that makes it appear bright white, but is not actually pure white (255,255,255 speaking in RGB values).
Else some details should be closer to reality if you are going for a photorealistic rendering. - Like the stone of the shower, where it meets the plaster wall of the counter. This is just flat mapped, unless this is a wallpaper you would see the thickness of the stone on that corner; or have some kind of profile cover the connection. - Mind the grain direction of wood. On the window frame the wood grain runs horizontal all over, putting in some more effort to have it follow the direction of the window construction would make it more realistic. - I don´t know if you beveled every corner? Some of them still look too sharp.
But overall, a very nice bathroom. :wink: