Another BD Style

This will be the final results of my workshop at the conference.


Black and White

Two Tones

Three Tones

Model from Aura Mecânica:

Tell me what you think.
I appreciate comments.

Haha fun looking guy :), looks awesome, but I Would add some warning labels, or some digits too it to make it look robotic to change up the texture a bit.
I’m loving the design

Glad you liked it, ferrettank. You are absolutely right that could be better in terms of textures.
The goal of the workshop is to show how to do the silhouette, Black and White, two-tone and three-tone. Attention is given to the shaders.

I really like it…

That looks amazing! What renderer did you use?

@ João Cesário - some work was done by you. :wink:

@ LiMuBei - The render is done with BI (Blender Internal). All done with Blender. No freestyle.