Another Blender energy drink.

Following this great Blender Guru tutorial, I came out with this:
I hope you like it, any criticisms are welcome.

The tutorial:


i watched that tutorial! good job, the only thing i would critique is the aluminum, it looks a bit dull…

but other than that, it looks great!

Thanks!, Yes I guess I didn’t work THAT much on th aluminium material :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the slogan :smiley:

Thats amazing xD

Thanks!, Yes, I’m very proud of how the slogan came out :smiley:

this is very nice. you did a great job!

I love the statments on the can… :smiley:

I really like this render and in all honesty there is not much criticisms (constructive) to give. For me it is not the modelling or rendering that needs improving on. Infact I really like the sweating effect of the can.

It might actually be the title “Tons of Fun” that needs some work on. Not the actual text but more so the font, maybe use the same font as Blender text that is on the can. An maybe the reflection of the can on the surface to fade out a little more. But that is only my opinion, apart from that I really like it.

Looks great !
Maybe the flame is a bit much out of focus ? Otherwise it looks over-scaled for a far flame, in my opinion :wink:

Anyway, great job, keep it up :slight_smile:

Loved this tutorial, was awesome, though afterwards I kind of went crazy with the whole idea.

Thought, As you have only one flame at the back of the can, might want to reduce the edge lighting a bit. Other than that, awesome! :smiley:

The top and the bottom of the can looks a bit fake, really little. :slight_smile:

Nice work and… well aimed slogan indeed. : - )

The tutorial link, also, very useful…

Thanks a lot for the comments, but I MUST say I only followed Andrew Price’s instructions, I’m about to post some new works in process, stay tuned :slight_smile: