Another "Blender helped in this picture" thingy :P

Hi everyone… I made this picture as part of a scholarship entrance {I’ve already submitted it so your comments won’t be able to help this image but will help me for things I make in the future…}

Please please look at the full version in order to see the true level of detail etc. especially on the reflected world that don’t show very well in the smaller version

How it was done: Rendered the background in Blender with a cardboard cutout type thing as a reference for where to put the girl in the rendered image as well as in the reflection… then made the girl and the background in Corel Photopaint, taking elements generated in the Gimp, Terragen, and Dogwaffle for the ocean, sky, and pixel/matrix effects, respectively, and painting the rest.

Any comments?

Veeeeery nice!

Has something to say, the interior and still which, reflected, is an exterior with a wind movement.

I expecally like the sierpinsky-like thingy superimposed on the tree.


Great job on the hair!
I think there should maybe be more shadow from the hair on the shoulder (in the closer image), the dress in the mirror might benefit from some shadowing to define folds. And the hand looks small (I think the general rule was that the hand should be long enough to cover the face).
But the overall impression is very good.
I especially like the weak reflection of the opposite wall.

I also take some help from Blender when drawing, but that’s mostly since I’m no good at getting body proportions right in strange poses. So I’ve made a mennequin in Blender and pose it there first, then put it beneath my first sketches just to get a feeling for the anatomy.

  1. pofo

Excellent! I hope it gets you your scholarship!

Beautiful otherwordly dreamlike feel which I really like very much, the 2d/3d combination really works well. Great work!

WOW! What can I say… It´s really good!

very nice :D…

looks pixelized in the mirror though…