another blender noob

I have been learning 3d for a while and toyed around with various progams, the main one I have settled with learning for a while was 3ds max, but for the seemingly common reason of money, and the allure of open source I looked into blender. I had seen it before a few years ago, but it just wasn’t developed enough for me. Now though, after seeing “Elephants Dream”, and seeing the new feature set, it impressed me enough to give it another go.

I have given myself a crash course and gotten most of the basics down, and the interface is actually suprisingly fast once you get used to it…

I just have a few questions left that I couldn’t figure out, and this seemed like a pretty good blender community to ask, so here it goes:

1.)is there a create polygon or cap tool? I have done a few stupid opperations where I had to press undo quite a few times because I had created holes in my mesh that could have been easily fixed by just creating a polygon to fill the hole…Not that big of a deal just an annoyance.

2.)I have been using YafRay with its GI, creating pretty decent renders, but my meshes come up very “polygony”. The subsurface modifier works pretty decently for smoothing things out, but for industrial or mechancial type meshes that doesn’t work, pistons and techno gears tend to turn into blobs.:confused:

Regular subdividing doesn’t really effect the polygon look either, adds more polygons, but you can still tell that they are polygons, which defeats the point…

Those are the the two big issues I have been having with blender, other than that the program really rocks! I am seriously suprised at the quality of the tools considering it is free. (Considering those are my only problems, which are more like miner annoyances thats pretty damn good). All the basic 3d skills I have learned from 3ds max transfered over pretty well, better than I thought actually…

  1. Try F. You should try to make it all quads (4 point polygon, especially if you’re doing organic modelling which will be animated and uses suburf). 2) Try using subsurf and make some loop cuts near the edges and where there shouldn’t be any subsurf select an edge and press CTRL+E to crease it.
  1. Press F9, and click on Set Smooth in the Link and Materials panel