Another Blender problem

(TheSkelet) #1

Ok, I’m making church, I worked for about one week, few days ago interesting thing happends… I try’d to render my picture, and everithing just gone! Picture was empty :-? … I tryed lot of things, only one works, when shadows desabled I can see picture, anyway , its a building, i can’t work without shadows. What shoud I do?

(theeth) #2

I never heard of anything like this. Maybe if you put the .blend online we can help you better.

What comes to mind though is: check for negative or only shadow spots.


(TheSkelet) #3

Sorry I can’t do that. Anyway, I have one more project with a same prpblem, i’ll find it a bit later…

(CubeFan973) #4

Sounds to me like you’ve put a spot lamp in a bad place. Look for something behind the camera, and check to see if it has a Spot Lamp behind it. If so, move the spot closer to the camera.