Another Blender Render Bug

Hi All,

I ran into another annoying problem with Blender. I have a scene with an image sequence with an alpha (PNG).

The sequence is applied to a plane. I have UV mapped the plane, so I can see the sequence in the 3D view.

The image sequence is produced by After Effects. What I am doing is animating a 3D object on top of the plane. I am synchronizing the 3D object with the animated alpha rip in the image sequence.

So my work flow is I render out the movie in Blender, look at it in After Effects, then re-render the source for the image sequence rinse and repeat.

The problem I am experiencing is that Blender refuses to “let” go and reload the new image sequence. So even though I have an image mapped sequence on disk, Blender has, somehow, cached the image sequence in memory and is rendering from memory. I didn’t think this was possible, but that is what I am experiencing.

Even when I completely deleted the image sequence from disk, I would press render and see the image map being rendered. Where is Blender getting this map from? Is it just fetching is from it’s own internal memory?

did you pack the blend file?

No, I don’t use packed files, but that was a good thought.

Opening and closing did clear it up.