Another Blender Spotlight Halo Render Bug

Hi All,

So there I am trying to use Blender again. Maybe I’ll continue on and try out the old spotlight. Use the halo to add some rays to my scene.

But what do I get. A halo spotlight shooting through the plane itself? I feel like I am constantly working with one hand tied behind my back. Begging Blender to function correctly. Oh, don’t try that feature, we know that one is full of bugs.

I have a plane, that is being deformed by a curve modifier. It has an alpha mapped image applied to it. The light is behind the plane. I have tried doublesided and singlesided for the plane None of the other light types “drill” through the mesh. But the halo does. That is not what I want. I want the mesh to obscure the halo effect and cause rays to appear along the sides (as it should).

What a world, what world…who’d thought my beautiful scene attempt would be destroyed by an open source monster.