Another Bloomin' Day (Animation)

One flower in a field full of obliviousness :wink:

great animation mate!! The story was simple yet very very effective. Loved it.


Cool, funny stuff! A bit more details would be nice on those sunflowers but I love it

Ha, great story, nice!


Nice work. Very simple funny idea.

I’m guessing since you posted it here you wanted critiques… if not, just ignore what I’m about to say. :wink:

I think the background image is too realistic for the style of the characters. A simple painted background would fit better IMO.
The voice of the main flower gets lost in the music. I would suggest pulling down the music/increasing the voice volume.

Keep up the good work.

Love the concept. Execution and animation are great. Just lacks a bit of detail though. The flowers aren’t characterized enough IMHO

Awesome job though

Haha, poor little guy. That’s ace, mate.