Another body study

Here is the next in a series of body studies that I am working on. This one has a few issues such as there are a couple tris here and there that i need to work out and the hands are uber ugly. As always C/C welcome and appreciated.

Here’s what I’ve got so far. (without subsurf)

thanks man, i didn’t know you could use so few polys for the legs

looking really good mate, good form and shape.

I don’t think theres really anything i can crit at this point, but do look out with having so many verticle edges around the neck area and a few other places. If you do end up needing to do some bigger tweaks to the proportions later on it could take a bit more work. Also the boots look like they might need a bit of tweaking to define, boots especially are always tricky. Though by looking at the wireframe it seems when sub-surfed this is probably fixed

great work to now, keep it up

I dunno if it’s me, but is the waist just a tiiiiny bit too waspish?

Still though, nice job on the low-poly subsurfing, good balance of polys there and stuff. Nice, clean lines and generally good proportions.

Since I’m still pretty new to Blender, excuse me if this sounds like a newbish question. How do I get a sharp edge on a subsufaced object? I want some things to have a hard edge like at the top of the boots for instance. What is the method for doing a hard corner in an object that is subsurfaced?

Select the edge and click ctrl+e to add creases.

Coming along well.

EDIT: Tell a lie, tell a lie. It’s shift+e

The better method is to add an edge loop close to the edge you want to make sharp.
See image:


Ok, I have begun work on a head. It still lacks detail but i think the overall shape and proportions are decent. Next step will be to put in more loops around the eyes and mouth to get more definition in those areas then I need to try the dreaded ear!:eek:

I redid the head because the old one had some issues with some of the loops. I used the same reference so it looks pretty similar.

I’m not so sure about the body, needs alot more work, but the head is starting to shape up nicely!

when modelling a slender frame especially for a female I perfer to make the neck almost straight up and down. If you look at the projile of the body the enitre weight of the body is not over the heels. I don’t know if this is an issue though.


The head is slightly forward but I think its fairly centered.
Should it come back more?

I finally managed to make an ear. I think, considering its my first ear model, that it came out pretty decent looking. Any suggestions?
The next task will be redoing those ugly troll-like hands that look like they were smashed with a steam roller. Then its on to adding loops to the face to add more detail (though this seems to always be where my faces start looking manly). Is there anything overall that seems off?

I have given this lady some hair so her head won’t be so cold and some temporary eyeballs. Her hands are still pretty ugly (notice I have not done any closeup shots near the hands) but that will be fixed soon. I have also removed the subsurf modifier because this model is going to be used for a game so I need to start thinking about poly count. Anyways, here it is.
The head isn’t connected to the body yet so thats why theres the odd looking polies at the neck area.:eek:

I guess I’ll just quit posting updates as I’m getting no replies.

I guess I’ll just quit posting updates as I’m getting no replies.

I know how you feel…:frowning:
I guess not many people look in the WIP sections.
Don’t give up though:)
That’s looking good so far, one problem I noticed however is the legs seem to go quite far back from the feet, normally they would bend forwards (I think). As for the ear, that’s a very good try - I can’t actually see anything wrong with it at the moment, well done!
Keep it up:D

(BTW, a reply to my WIP would be nice:D - no replies in 4 days:()

I get that too, sulky mcgraw. You have two options, keep posting and someone might eventually take an interest again or don’t post and be completely forgotten.

EDIT: Anyway, your pictures are too small for me to see anything.

Hehe, Ok I’m done sulking now. I guess it just gets a bit frustrating to see over 200 views with little or no comment. Oh well, I’ll just keep plunking along and posting updates.
Here is a couple larger pics to show detail a little better:
Ignore the strange artifacts caused by tris in the AO render (at the bottom of the skirt, near the armpit, and at the neck) as this model will be converted to all tris for a game anyways.:eek:

I wasn’t sure before, but something about the mouth looks a little odd. From the front it looks kinda pulled, and a little too narrow.

Looking really good. It has a nice stylish look - not completely cartoony, not completely realistic.
Most of it is modeled pretty efficiently except for the back of the head/neck (at least from the views you’ve shown). It seems like you could elimate about half of the polys back there and not lose any detail.