Another "Bone heat weighting: failed to find solution" problem.

I’ve been trying to Parent with automatic weights, but i keep getting the error “Bone heat weighting: failed to find solution”
here’s what i have tried so far,

  1. Used mirror modifier to recreate second half of obj.
  2. Removed all dupes
  3. Recalculated outside normals
  4. removed all un-applyed modifiers
  5. removed all failed vertex groups
  6. Recreated Armature from scratch starting with the first bone (named “Root bone”) centered at base of obj and after finishing one half of armature mirrored. (I was sure to not resize or change anything outside of edit mode)
  7. tried using the Sub face modifier fix
  8. used all clean up tools at least once (when that didn’t work reset back to the original obj)
  9. cut obj in half and re-mirrored to make sure was symmetrical (also used symmetrical modifier)
    I have read across the forum looking for other solutions but to no avail could someone please look at my obj and see what i might have done wrong?

[Edit broken link, thanks @Richard_Marklew for pointing it out.]
thanks in advance

Just got home, just remembered some info that might be important,
I am trying to do all this with clean install of Blender with the latest build.
If anyone has any other ideas that i could try, that would be awesome.
Also the model has some open “holes” in it could that be a problem?

If there is anything anyone can think of that might help me resolve this issue it would be of great help to me.

Here is an image of the inside of head, could the extra detailed mouth be a problem?


Could someone please help me?

I personally can’t be bothered to beg for access to your file

Your other image attachment is not showing

Oh wow, i had no idea.

[Hopefully working downloadlink]


Maseo, I would definitely take some time to retopo this model before going any further. It’s really not properly flowing, even if you find a solution to this problem (can’t help, never encountered this particular error message, sorry), you’ll have other problems down the line.


Thank you for the suggestion, ill work on that as soon as I get home!

It is great to see such enthusiasm. I remember when I first took up 3D modeling, I wouldn’t listen to advice, trying to do my own way. I was very stubborn. Anyway, the first thing I’d look up is appropriate edge flow in a human (or human-like) model. Some very good links : (video intro to mesh flow by our own Jonathan Williamson)

Mesh flow is a well-covered topic by now, ten years ago there would still be debates as to which mesh flow is ideal for the human face, etc. but at that time the techniques were shifting quickly, between say video games and precomputed films there was such a gap that the craft of modeling was entirely different between these disciplines. Nowadays the polymodeling techniques are pretty much standardized and agreed upon, and almost every forum board has a “edge flow examples” thread laying around. Have a look on, it is a good resource.

Basically a correct mesh flow should allow for :

  1. Simpler mesh (lower polycount), less dense
  2. Should follow body shapes, muscle shapes, etc. in a smart way
  3. Should deform correctly (very much linked to the point above)

Have a good adventure,


Thank you so much for all your help!

Well, I Retopologized my model, I think its a ton better but I’m still getting the same error.
If someone could look at my model and tell me what i might have done wrong that would be great.


Need permission to access that file link. I think you copied your own download link, not the share link.

ugh i did that twice now!
here this one will work.

Beautiful : now that’s something you can work with. For your problem, I never ran into this issue so as I said I cannot really help you. All I can say is suggest common checks but you seem to have to have really looked in every dark corner already.

  • Armature and mesh origins in the same place
  • Mesh is clean (no duplicates, etc. but it’s perfectly clean now I’m sure)
  • Autonormalize checked in weight paint mode (so no vertew weigh exceeds 1.0)

Which option do you use when binding your mesh to your armature ? Automatic weights ? Envelope ? I would advise against envelope weighting, it is never really accurate, for a start you should try auto weights. And if it fails, empty groups - you’ll have to paint all your weights by hand but if you’re going for a nice skinning with pretty deformations that’s what you’ll need to do anyway.

Apart from that I can’t see what could be causing the problem. Try asking on IRC (#blender on Freenode), Google it, etc.


I don’t know what the problem is, but I know that it was in the head. I separated the head from the body, and auto rigged the body, then I manually rigged the head. needs some smoothing, but works

@Hadriscus I used Automatic weights, thanks for the suggestion!

@daren Thank you for taking the time to do that yourself ill try working with it now myself!