Another Boolean Question

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I have another issue concerning the boolean modifer in Blender 2.55. I am modeling this button from a circle, extruded it, and now when it comes to adding the holes through the button, I have a little trouble.

Whenever I use the boolean tool on cylinders and use subsurf, the edges seem to be all wavey wherever I made the hole. Is this because the circle doesnt use quads or what? Is their a way to make this not happen? I’ve used edge split, but that makes my whole button sharp and I want it smooth.

I’ve tried to seperate the button edges so they are only affected with the subsurf modifier and not the center. However, when I render the scence, you can see where some cuts are at near the hole. Lol. Anyone know how to fix this problem?


Don’t use booleans for something this simple. Use mesh circles with equal numbers of vertices and then connect them. You can even do multiple holes/buttons by meshing them together and then adding the outside circle with the same number of verts as the combined circles have.


I am not really understanding how to do that. I create my four mesh circles and then an outer mesh circle and tried to connect them together but they didnt connect nicely. Is their a tutorial on this?

Keep the number of vertices that need to connect to each other straight, if you want to do this manually. Have clear picture of how the polygon needs to flow.

But you can still do it with Boolean too. However, you do need to be thinking what the Boolean is going to do; create faces from all vertexes that get generated and connect it to corner. So the first thing you want to do is to try to equalize face count of cutter / jointer to the base object faces that is going to interact. If you have few faces intersected by 100 faces, you are going to get 100 sliver of a face all over the place radiating to first corner Boolean can find!

Here is my quick build: Pic A, I added two concentric cut on base cylinder top. This feature will stop any propagation of Boolean generated faces within bound. It is going to contain new faces created. I limited the number of cutter faces. This in turn will limit the new faces generated. After cutting, I did get some bad looking faces there. In Pic B I cleaned up faces and added bevel. So the corner will round little better. And Pic C is render.

Here’s how I’d do a 4 hole object. Notice the vertex count on the inner combined area matches the vertex count of the outer circle. I started by copying the once extruded circle 4 times, then filling in the faces between them. Selecting the outer edge loop told me that it has 12 vertices, so I created an outer circle to match. At this point its very easy to fill in the faces, and the end result has topology that will easily accept additional edge loops. I used the excellent bridge script, but it’s quite easy to make the faces manually.


Final result after adding a few extrudes and subsurf.


My version is very similar to Pappy’s, but using a Mirror modifier:

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