Another Boolean Thread..

Okay I dont model too often, but whenever I do I always seem to hit this wall and give up. When using a boolean modifier to do something as simple as this, it creates Ngons everywhere and bad topology which really dont like to be smooth. please tell me theres another way to do this… I know exactly why its happening, I just dont know how to fix it… :slight_smile:

To do this correctly you need to adjust the exact number of edge loops of the object that your cutting and the object you’re using to make a hole.

Here’s an example of topology of a mesh with a hole through it:

If you want, I’d be more than glad to give you an explanation on how this is done as well as the blend file that contains the both the finished model and it’s form in WIP stage.

An example of a strip with a hole in the middle. With a simple deform modifier.

Blend file