Another boring Glock

It’s boring, I know but I can’t help it. I just like creating guns :stuck_out_tongue:
On those renders u can find: bad lighting, exceptionally bad materials, and also they r generally bad. Nevertheless I thought that U will find it pleasing to stare at, as U find any other bad render on this site :stuck_out_tongue:
Here U go :smiley:

Any feedback would be appreciated of corz.

You should give yourself more credit! That looks like some solid modelling! The texture of the grip seems to be blurry in the middle. It also looks more like the texture you’d find on a wall/ceiling instead of a grip. A Glock grip as I remember it is more gritty looking, almost like sand. The model is missing the markings on the slide and frame. It is admittedly a little hard to critique the materials with the current lighting setup, but the texturing on the slide looks cool! Although it looks a little worn, yet the frame looks brand new. Overall Awesome gun Spychar :smiley:

I agree! The model is very well done with the topology. It looks a lot like a gun that I shot once (it was pretty sweet). :wink:

Try making a more interesting scene for the gun. Nothing fancy, just a tabletop with a map or something with a spare magazine and some bullets.

Some inspiration:

(Someday a plan on building this gun in Blender!)