another bsphere/zsphere topic

I’ve been brainstorming a little on zspheres on how they work and stuff. But I do not have to knowledge to implent it in Blender. I just want to share my thoughts on this.

It can be done with Envelope bones but that would be too complicated… why not make a new type of object? the BSphere object :slight_smile: with some parameters:

X,Y,Z (pos)

(or more, this is all I could think of)

- Mesh

Then, to convert it to a mesh it is alot of math actually. every BSphere turns into a subdivided cube (subsurf modifier after making the actual cubes?).
then the cube needs to connect to his children by simply see what face’s angle is looking at the other cube the most. if the face is determined it makes a bridge to the other cube’s face (also the one most facing to his parent). to make a good shape the parents’ cube face will deform a little to allmost face his child.

- Armature (skinning?)

It would be cool if this object could also be converted to armature :slight_smile: envelope bones and stuff.

- Viewport

I thought of a way to visualize this in your viewport (edit mode).


Just a circle with a dot in the center would be the BSphere. then the dots will be connected with a line. (parent -> children)


The circle would become a Sphere and a Cilinder would be connecting them. just like the envelope bones.

  • Conclusion

I have really no idea on how to program this. :slight_smile: maybe there are some coders out there willing to take a challenge? I am actually a poor coder but a good learner. So if we see progress in this :smiley: we all learn a bit.

msn/mail [email protected]

Cheers, Jeroen

ps. is this the right place to put this ? :spin: