Another Buster Sword

Hi Guys

I am doing simple things now, its probably the only way i will finish anything. kinda sad. :eek:
Sorry for poor render, i have no idea how to use AO but it looks fancy :smiley:


Guys i need help, i am trying to use the composite screen to make a metal but i cant seem to add a texture node, like i have gone through the tutorials and i press shift + A and it isn’t there. I am confused …

Your asking a question in the wrong place try asking in this section you will more a chance of getting a answer
Also trying looking up a material library for blender internal or cycles if your using that.
edit I found few for you.

Thank you King Ziggy :wink:

here is my progress so far, i have mostly spent the weeks correcting the geometry to make it more authentic…i missed alot of fine details but its coming along, what you guys think?


personal preference, I don’t know whether or not you’re trying to be faithful to a reference, but I feel like that handle would feel a lot more convincing if you beefed it up(thickness and length wise) some and gave it some kind of knurling texture?
again, personal taste in regards to making the weapon feel more believable and not as much being faithful to a buster sword (I don’t know a lot about Final Fantasy buster swords or if there’s more than the one cloud uses?)

Minor Update so Far :smiley:

@Calmnivor - you make sense, i am still in the throws of learning about textures and bump maps it takes forever to do anything…very frustrating.

i am working off of several references and do want to keep it as true as possible to the original i have a tendency not to finish when i stray from the reference because i hit a creators block.

Final Fantasy is everything but accurate :stuck_out_tongue: this is one of the references I stare at for days. and on inspection you are right my handle is a bit skinny thanks for that :smiley:


The metal needs some scratces, unless you are making a brand new sword :slight_smile:


The handle needs to be wider look the reference picture you posted

Also look at the handle it looks to be made out of some weathered looking copper.
Edit: I just found a useful video that might help you