Another Candle...

Haven’t posted in a while. Mostly because haven’t got any real project in Blender, most sessions are just a couple of hours playing around and testing stuff.
This one came out ok, guess I’ll add more elements and make a scene.

Looks good! Only crit is that the shadow looks like it’s rom a buffered lamp instead of a sphere or area lamp.

It’s looks good, i especially like how the light seems to penetrate the wax. What you can add to the candle, though, is a small pool of melted wax in the middle of the candle, make is really reflective and shiny to simulate liquid.

He does have that.

A small update.

I think the original flame looks better, though the bottom of the new flame is better than the old.

How did you do the light penetration? I know transmissivity in 2.42 only works when the material is transparent.

Vertex colors?
SSS script?
Textures set to add or emit?

My material is opaque. The SSS comes from a Makehuman script ( ).

The script outputs vertex colors (set as vertex light in the material settings).
Additionaly, I set a vertical blend texture mapped to emit.