Another car thread... (F360)

bla bla bla bla bla bla…

The good old modena. c&c please!

whoa, I’m really impressed :eek:
the mesh is so clean, i can’t figure out a messy spot…
and the engine is so detailed…
how many verts did you use?
did you do the details of the body and then the doors? 'cause i had the problems in my project that the body and door did not align perfect after adding the detailed areas like the “design edge”.

can’t wait for a render :smiley:
just great! love it!

wow…one of the most detailed models i have seen of a car…love the interior and engine

Hubba hubba. :smiley:

Sweet skills man, now hit us with a render. :wink:


killer stuff, flawless looking modelling.

incidentally, how did you get some materials to show as wireframes, while the others were solid?


To display materials as wireframe even in shaded view you just change the drawtype in the object buttons. It’s useful for seeing through transparent things while you model.

that one is goin to the gallery

thanks you all for the comments!

chop_suey: this model has 17.000 verts for the body and mode than 90.000 for the rest (incl. tires and the engine). i always build the entire body giving the place for those edge details, and the cuts are the last step. this is my way:

its clear?

sonix: well i have this

some wires:

Nice one Peton. Are you planning to use this for a game, animation or just for stills?

Any inclination to do a photorealistic render?

Props to you man, you’ve got the skills.


its a modeling training and yeah, big interest for a photorealistic render but yet i dnt got the technique to do it on Blender (other render engine maybe a solution -just like you)

ohh, I see :slight_smile:
and the render looks cool, even it’s “just” internal,:wink:
as for me, I tried the photorealistic look with the yafray render, worked out ok I think.

problem with the maxwell render sonix used is the price and it’s sadly not a plugin for blender, but a completely new program…tho the renders look really cool

good job beutifulll render

yeah maybe yafray, sunflow or povray… but i decide to explore the internal a little more cause blender 2.42 has very nice composition features;)

ARABIAN KNIGHT: thanks man.