Another Challenge?

Is anyone interested in this challenge. I would be happy to join a small team and do something here. I can provide concept art, character modeling (and enviroment if need be)
uv’s, animating. I also can create game music and help with an original story. I would really like to get my hands on the engine and see how well it is integrated into blender:eyebrowlift:

I’m interested in this competition but I have no idea how a game made in blender could be exported to 3 major operating systems.
Also, they request an easy Cmake project to be made available - what is that?

If you can furfil all their requirements maybe we could work together on a game?

My skills:
Level design
Environment modelling - trees, plants and inanimate objects

i cant enter the contast cause im too busy right now but i am very interested in this massiveblender engine. do you know if logic bricks work in it?

From watching the video , what I got was all logic designed in the BGE carried over to the engine. They wanted all of Blender’s functionality to carry over.

awesome! cant wait to try it out.

BlenderEngine - I will look more at the details but it sounds like a game idea (on paper all the way to prototyped in BGE ) are being considered for the challenge.