another chess board


i am pretty new to this, so go easy on me pls :-p

well here is my first (on my own) projekt,

i having trouble with the horse so it might be a wile before i can finnish this one :slight_smile:


It looks really weird how half the pieces are darkers than the others. Maybe a lighting problem?

As for the models, it looks like the king and queen don’t have a base yet. And the rooks look a little bit skinny for my taste. It’s a good start, though.

yes it was a lightning problem :slight_smile: i still dont now what im doing in some things,

i forgot to tell a litle bakground.

i am reading noob to pro wikibook , and every interesting tutorials i can find :slight_smile:

anyway, here is a new render of the chess pieces,

and if anyone have a tip of how to make the horse i would be wery happy,


the knight can be a right nightmare (excuse the pun). your best bet. would be to try and find some referance shots (front and side) of a hourses head (same horse would be good) and line them up and use that as a starting point to model the knights head. trust me it will be difficult so dont get disheartened if you dont manage it the first time :slight_smile:

oops dont mean to double post. but i had a thaught. if you would like me to set it up in blender and send yout he file i will.

thanks for the tip [email protected] , no you dont have to do all that, i want to figure out most of it my self, but thanks anyway mate :smiley:

here is a new render of the whole board, the colors and all that i will work on when the night is finnished … hehe (if it gets finnished).

Try using osa and use set smooth (I cant tell if you have it extremly subdivded or not)

i have subsurfaces = 2 on most of the objekts, and “set smooth”

i tried to not use subdevide but with some of them i had to, perhaps in the future i will lern to do all this in a better way. :slight_smile: