Another chess piece

yeah, here’s another one.

It looks excellent, but I’ve never seen a board with that many pawns :stuck_out_tongue:

How’d you get the wavy reflections? Was it a procedural set to nor? Yafray or Blender internal?

I like it. Reminds me of the games of “Advanced Chess” I used to play in grade school. (ie; we fit as may pieces onto the board without filling up the center rows and have at each other.

Once again, nice job!


DOF was done in PS/GIMP ? :slight_smile:

I guess I should have mentioned it’s more of an abstract image. That’s why there are so many chess pieces. It’s rendered with Blenders internal render, the DOF was done in Photoshop, and for the wavy reflection, the pawns are slightly transparent with refraction and mirroring. Thanks for the replies.

The Pawns will rise against - lol

Id say that its maybe a little dark, otherwise looks good