Another chessboard

what do you say?

Lovely chessboard (I like chessboards :)) . Did you use an external renderer? Cuz the DOF looks very good, looks like it isn’t done with mackes trick.

Maybe let the pieces cast some more shadow, an make the board a little reflective.

Other than that Great job !!


thats really good! i love the tiles on the board… yea more shadow from the peices would do alot of good for this pic
great job

karsten wrote:

what do you say?


  1. pofo

This is rendered in Blender with the zblur plugin.

The shadow is not realy good, I know, but you can see it on the white tiles and on the black ones there is nearly no shadow. Shadows in Blender are difficult I think. Have to play with it.

Reflection on the tiles is the next thing I want to do, but I have to look how it works.

What do you think of the composition of the second image?


I really like this chessboard, i think it looks better than all the others ive seen posted on here, even the lightflow rendered ones - great job

Damn, you called my bluff :o

I haven’t played chess in years.

Aaargh, I realize I’m no longer too young to say things like that. I’m getting old! :-? And… And :frowning: grown up.

-from reasonable and responsible self:
Hey you should have gotten over that by now silly

I know rars, but I’m starting to forget things. Like playing chess.

It’s just a game

Yeah, but I remember liking it…

Now you’re starting to sound old to me too

Damn, I hate it when I’m right.

Um… sorry bout that :slight_smile:

Really great chess board.

  1. pofo

I tried to make an VirtuaLight rendered scene of my chessboard (it took 13 hours to render, probably because of the DOF):

Now I need some information of how to make wood or marble textures. Has anyone some information of this?

Cool :8

13h is not due to focal blur. LightFlow if far slower than Blender, it’s RayTracing :slight_smile:

For texture LF has its built in texture as Blender try MATspider (which myself recently discovered. heheh)

which is a Material Editor for LF (sorry, only WindoZ)


I like the blendered one best.

S68 wrote:

For texture LF has its built in texture as Blender try MATspider (which myself recently discovered. heheh)

which is a Material Editor for LF (sorry, only WindoZ)

The tool looks nice, but I used VirtuaLight and not Lightflow. Or is it possibly to convert textures from LF to VL?

In the documentation of VL there was an example for wood which was specified through this formular:
(sawtooth(2.0sqrt(xx+yy)+turbnoise(Po, 2))+1)/2.0

It’s not that easy to understand for me :wink:

Eric wrote:

I like the blendered one best.

Until now you are right, but I try to make same textures for this picture and have to add some lights, so that the reflection were the same, but until now I have no idea how! In the picture of VL there are reflections from the chessmans, that I didn’t get in Blender.


I’m su used at LightFlow that I misread your post :slight_smile:

I can’t help you with virtuallight, sorry…


So, here is my last try on this chessboard. it is very hard to get good results with VirtuaLight (the rendertime is to long and there is no material editor).


it IS good,

marble too, you managed to have good materials :slight_smile: