Another Chessboard

I got insipired by the fine work by viriathus with his chess set and thought I’d try to make an own one. (It also seemed like good practice) The scene is still under process. The white pieces look too gray in the nightlight and no render has jet been made with OSA. I’d love to get feedback on the work to be able to improve my skills…

The picture can be found here:

(click the image for full size wiev)

PS. I’m quite new around here so if there are any unwritten rules that I should be aware of then please inform me.

And… if anyone has suggestions for easy enough projects that a beginner like me should do then please tell…

the light shouild be blue looks more like day light at the moment.

I could see the small one, but not the big one.

It looks good! My only crit is the spot lamp halo, which doesn’t look real.

Looks fine. The volumetric light is a quite intense. I’d tone that down a little bit.

Thank you for the feedback!

I have now changed the color of the light shining through the window to a slightly more blue one and switched of the Halo for the spotlight in the room. It emmidiately gave the picture a more nightlike feeling, so thank you a lot! I’ve also tweaked the specularity values for the white squares on the board .(for some strange reason I had put quite strange values earlier…)

I still have the problem that the white pieces look gray or almost black. I believe rotating the board 180 degrees would help, but that would be cheating, wouldn’t it? But I would not like to add too much light to the scene (that would light up the extremely boring room), so if you have any suggestions please tell me. Actually, is the color of the white pieces a problem at all or is it just me?

Here’s the update:

For some strange reason deviantart seem to have a problem with the full size pictures today (or the problem may be between the chair and the keyboard) so we’ll have to come along with the smaller preview picture…

You’re having issues with lighting if the materials simply won’t stay the color you think they should be. Looks fine, keep it up.

I’ve done as anogarlr suggested and added spotlights (that dosn’t make shadows) just to light up the pieces slightly. Otherwise the image hasn’t changed much…