Another Christmas Competition Thread

This is my first time trying out for one of Blender Guru’s competitions. This is the work that I have done so far,

I still have to model some presents to put around the tree, and put some christmas lights in the wreath. Any other ideas on ways to make this look even better?

Here is a close up view of the tree

Here are some closeup renders on the presents

and another shot,

now, I am planning to randomize size and color to create 9 different boxes. They are pretty high poly, being about 50K a piece

here is the latest render, let me know what you think

Modeling and textures look good. Lighting looks fine, but maybe add some candlelight on the mantle. You have very heavy DoF on, but no focal point at all. You’re drawing the viewer’s eyes to a random christmas light on the mantlepiece, but that’s not the interest of the shot. Add something that you want to draw the attention of the viewer, and focus on that. Dial down the DoF so the viewer can actually see things in the render. I would say to widen the angle of the camera too so that more of the living room is showing. Maybe an older, stained recliner with the “Christmas Story” leg lamp next to it. :wink:

Great renders, but I agree the DoF needs to be toned down. What kind of lighting setup are you using? It looks very nice.

thanks, my plan is to keep the focal area on the mantle, but I will put something there that is of interest. The main reason that I have such a high depth of field is that I like the bokeh effect, but I do see how there isn’t much interesting going on at the focal point. I will play around and look at that recliner.
It is a pretty simple lighting setting up, all the christmas lights have individual lights, there is a large emssion plane in the back left corner of the room. And several different colored point lights in the fireplace to give the illusion that there is fire in it.

thanks, input it always helpful

modeled some candy canes, need to work on them some more to make sure they aren’t intersecting the mantle. I an having a hard time thinking of a decoration that would embody Christmas. One that could be the focal point

This is looking really nice…Id suggest changing the cable color and Plastic to a dark green? Help the lights to blend with the tree, plus all Fairy lights ive seen are green…But other than that, it has a really nice feel to it. Warm and cosey! :slight_smile:

The blur looks much better Jacob!

thanks for your responses, @peter18 they do make white cables, but I can change them and see if it looks better

Second best on my list so far :smiley: Interesting angle. What about a carpet in front of the fireplace? I guess that would give it the final touch.


I just recognise a minor mistake. The cable of the fourth lamp in the front where the sugar sticks start goes straight into the lamp body, but should go into the bottom as for the others. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea… this is coming along really nice, I’m glad you decided to back off the DOF considerably in your newer renders. You did a great job on modeling the strand lights. Are you doing any compostiing on the christmas lights for glow?

Something I realize just now is that the strand lights actually don’t put any light on the shelf.