Another codec problem

Running 2.62 on ubuntu 11.10. I compiled ffmpeg and x264 to include non free codecs. Checked if the ffmpeg encodes to ac3 (is ok). I have pictures and audio (ac3 or mp3) on the timeline in the VSE. Rendering with Xvid as output , AVI format and MPEG divx as video codec and ac3 as audio codec results in an error (error initializing audio stream). Same for mp3 instead of ac3. With PCM as audio codec it is OK.
Is blender using my compiled ffmpeg or the own build in version ? I am using blender from the ppa:cheleb/blender-svn repository. If not can I make blender using my compiled ffmpeg ?
The H264 video is not working neither although I had it working in previous versions. (initializing video stream error)