Another conflict, this time in mirroring.

So I now have some lack in the knowledge of handling the mirroring technique. What I’ve pictured this far(hopefully correctly) is:

  1. I make a duplicate of the mesh I want to mirror.
  2. Through the mirror menu, I flip the duplicate’s direction to the x-axis and connect it to the original mesh.

Here’s where my knowledge once again failed me. How do I connect the two meshes in the best, most practical way? All the tutorials I’ve delved into simply mentioned that I need to “remove the faces between the two meshes” to connect them. This is also a very important section to me because by getting this method correct I’m more able to connect the other things I also may be modeling. All of the tips appreciated, though I know this is very basic stuff to you. :wink:


Use the mirror modifier instead - it does all the hard work for you. Take a look at the wiki for more info (or search here).

Thanks! It worked wonderfully. However, I now need to know how I can effectively remove the seam from the middle of my model. Do I use the Remove Doubles function? Or is there another method I’m not aware of?

When you’re finished modelling, just press the “Apply” button in the mirror modifier panel. It should join the two halves seamlessly providing you’ve been careful.

Thanks. I’ll try that.:slight_smile: