Another Cycles SSS Shader

Hey guys back again with some more cycles SSS skin shader.

This time around though I am using the Absorption shader shown by Gottfried Hofmann from BlenderDiplom. This shader works really well. And in my eye I believe that my skin shader mimics that of the blender internal SSS material decently. I just wanted to post it on here so that people and develop it more. But as you can see its nothing special. Just some mix shaders and a glossy and diffuse shader mixed in.

It took me some tweaking to get it to as it is now. But its not too bad. I want to see what other people can do with it.

As a side note the dino duck thing with no arms is a little sculpt I did a while back.


i like the effect however I feels it penetrates a little deeply on the skin.

Oh it definitely does, and thank you btw. But that’s why I posted my node set-up, excluding Gottfreids setup. Thats over at BlenderDiplom.

I wanted to show drastic SSS just because.

But masterxeon1001, I would like to see what you and other do with this shader set-up. Like adding actual skin textures and such and tweaking the values to come up with something optimal.

So Happy Blending!