[Another Daft Question] Extend the rendering area??

Hello, sorry for the stupidity of this question, but you know when you render something, say you have an object really far away from the camera, and it wouldn’t show in the render because its out side of the render area/region whatever :slight_smile:

How can I extend that region so I can render far away objects I want?
also, when your object is partially out of the render region, and it only renders half of that object, how do you make that half fades out instead of just cut away?


into editing panel, you’ve got: clipping…increase end to extend rendering area…

COOL! thanks!
anything regarding the “fading out” question? anyone?

I don’t think the clipping function of the camera itself allows for anything other than a hard cutoff at the limit. What you might be able to do, however, would be to get the object entirely within limits and use mist to make it fade. Just a thought.