Another download site for Yable?

Can’t hookup with kinos3d. Can anyone else?

Me either…

you want the script? uhmm I can cpoy/paste it here if anyone want…just tell me

hi all

i have no prob to see now

tell me


I can’t get yable either. what to do? What to do?

I can’t also
I tried private messages for 2 people who are on yafray topic but tehy didn’t answer yet:(… they were online at the time…

I’d really like if someone could upload yable on other place for us, if the creator accepts that…


Hi all

ther’s a problem with the DNS of Kino3d, we need to
wait for a new propagation of the domain name
hope to be online quickly

mybe someone i can send the script to your email
o put a temporary mirror



where’s acasto when we need him? :smiley:


Well…thanks S68…I hope to seekino up again soon…and…these days I have some strange problems to receive mails…(?!)…