Another dragon wip

Started on a new dragon this morning :smiley: Working off of a sketch I did in 2002 :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, I’m running out of webspace so you can see it at my forums on my site that I’m still working on. Just click on the intro page image, then hit forums.

Perhaps I’ve gone mad… but isn’t it conventional to give some sort of link…? :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG I can’t believe I forgot the link :open_mouth:
/me slaps self over head for forgetting the link.
Anyways here it is,

It’s certainly an engaging shot (although woefully dim…). What I’d suggest is that each of the three actions that are going on in the picture would not, in the real world, be completed at exactly the same time!

K I’ve updated the Dragon. Now has part of a neck, and a complete head :smiley:

very nice! i cant wait to see that head textured

too much motion blur for that speed. :smiley: