another dragon WIP

decided to try my hand at a dragon model… started a few hours ago just felt like posting

This guy is unique :smiley: . If you like it or not is personal taste but the art style is definitely interesting.

Oooh, a Dragon, must post, great start, sort of like a mix of the classical western type with its own unique twist.

I like the larger scales.

@Odjin: thanks mang =) I started with a base mesh and started making the scales around it… i figured that way id have the basic shape before i got all these scales made and found out i didnt like the way it was formed and had to make alot of adjustments.

@CD i kinda figured you would post lol… i want to add something like whiskers (like a chinese dragon) because it wouldnt be able to see straight ahead… or perhaps it should see like a snake does… im still debating

ive been adding scales… i donno if its too much around the jaw… what do you think?

The first one had been better. It has something “cartoon” style on it which puts it apart from the rest. The second one is rather… generic somehow.

He looks heavily armored from his scales. I don’t mind if it looks generic, looks like a majestic Dragon head to me.

How’d you figure I would post? You’ve only been around since August.

I also liked the first version better. It had more… personality!

generic? this is the most unique 3d dragon i have ever seen… almost like a futuristic mech dragon… chrome the hell out of it and i bet all teh curves would make it look unbelievable.

@ cd i read the forums alot lol

:mad: chrome = bad :mad:

:evilgrin: f.

I liked the second update a little better, right now it seems he’s going into scale overload.

ok, i got rid of alot of the scales, and started on the neck (i tend to just keep adding on unless i make myself move on) i started with a completely straight neck and parented it to an armature, then added the scales and parented them as well, but when i pose the neck, the scales dont deform right… i t would work great if i could parent them to vertices and have them keep their local rotation… but i guess thats impossible eh?

anyone have an idea on how to go about this?

You could’ve kept the scales around the sides of the mouth, but changed them so they comformed a bit more to the skin and don’t stick out so much.

The main problem I had with the scales around the front and sides of the mouth was that it was such they could easily interfere with him when he’s eating. And the scales at the front and sides just seemed like a little bit of facial feature overload. You can add the scales around the mouth back in, just make them not stick out very much.

About the neck you have to round it out a bit more, the necks of pretty much all creatures are fairly round.

well he could go ballsy and make it a GEM dragon having all the main armor bits be transparent gems… the hell that would cause on render time though >.<

NEVER seen anyone even ATTEMPT a gem dragon in 3d lol.

and it dont have to be new mirrored chrome… but some sort of obvious armored metal… blood stained steel perhaps?

The silver dragon has armor plates like that too. though they are a little bigger and cover more area…
Where to go with this amazing dragon…
for how slender it is, I would make it a good dragon, it has the plates for protection, but that
doesnt make it menaceing…
Maybe 2 heads??
Or almost like a long slender snakish dragon, not muscular, but wirey… you know?
other than that, it is wicked sweet dragon man

I must say I like the version with mean looking scales best. Cartoon dragons - bah!

alrighty than! got off work and got a few more hours on this thing… ive quit with the scales till i figure something out ya know? got the wings basically made… i want some talons around the “hand” part… but i’ll work on that later… also got the front and back legs modeled! yay only the last pic has the front leg:

i think i’ll post my query in animation… or perhaps modeling im not sure…

Good update, the only thing that catches me is that the tail looks a little short, try to make it the same length as the rest of the body before it from the its head to the base of the tail.