another dull bl procedural image of mine

hi folks.
all textures in this image are rendered by blenders internal renderer.
render time its just under fourty seconds with max osa and withouth any raytracing.
the landscape is created with the excellent ant landscape creator script, the gekko-like creature and the landmark-fence thing have been made with gsculpt. finaly the gimp was used to do the text above the pic about the title and the creator.
any comments greatly appreciated, although im not gona work on this picture anymore.
so here it is:
second one is from inside blender, a wireframe. everything is set, i just have to push render.

I’m not sure that color of green agrees with my stomach, but I like the image, particularly the gecko textures, great job!

The fish, it should be water around, but waves are so edgy, It looks like hot ice and magical fish. Fantastic.

thanks a lot guys, i appreciate the comments!