another dumb question

(blenderage) #1

whats the easist way of getting an actor to follow the slope of a terrain, im pretty sure you dont have to python…

(saluk) #2

Nah, no stupid questions. I haven’t used this feature in a while, but you have to select the “Rot FH” button in the dynamic object properties section. I remember having to adjust material settings to get it to work right, but just play around with it until it works. Or wait for someone else with more experience to answer the question:)

(Ben) #3

-Add a material to the floor.Then press Dyn button.Then press “Fh dist”
making it 0.1(less polygons has the floor higher is this value).Then select the actor and in dynamics buttons and press “RotFh”.Remmember to reset
the size and rot value for both actor and floor with Ctrl+A

(Carl) #4

I did what you explained above… gave my actor a rotFh, dynamic but not rigid body…then added a material to the floor with Fhdist .1 but the Fh Norm button not set and it doesn’t seemt to work. Now I don’t know if I got it exactly right, but could anyone help me on this?


(Abracsis) #5

If your trying to get them to follow a loop the loop, that’s impossible. If it’s a half pipe, (like the skateboarding style ramp) then it is possible in the way saluk said, but.

This is always tricky. it requires alot of tweaking the dyn settings/ the character setings. Is your slop a curved high poly surface?
Are you approaching the slope from straight forward…I found it easier to (with a wipeout style hover ship) be going along a road, with a sloped edge and ride up the wall from an angle.

But blender aint great at slops in general. Python is always the best answer as you get get the physics to do what you want.

hope this helped


(Carl) #6

I have a creature that I want to see walk ‘up’ a slope and not see it stay at the same angle. I don’t really know if that was what this post was about, or if what I want can be done that way… I know it can be done with python… but if I can avoid python and just do it with physics that would be easier…

here’s the blend file, so you can see what I want to do…



(blenderage) #7

this was what the post was about, you can just use physics :smiley:

(Carl) #8

The problem was that I didn’t set any force to the Fh, hence it had no effect…

thanks everyone…