another dumb question!

fortunatly I don’t ask too many…I finally got rid off my millenium n’ got xp, but I’m having trouble telling blender where to get the textures from…[in my case,“my pictures” folder]…I tried file paths, in blender, but it kinda ignores & forgets…thanx in advance…as usual…johnd

Are you pressing Ctrl+U to save the user defaults? :wink:

ok…thanx, now it’s remembering, but still not getting image textures, only procedural ones…at least it tells me the name that the tex was, then I have to go get it…as usual…johnd

You mean it won’t load images?

they are files w/ image textures that were assigned to them, when I open them, there are no image textures, blender used to remember them.

better put the textures in a d:\my project\Projectname extures\ dir.
( and the blend file in the d:\my projects\Projectname\ )
The whole C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Pictures\ thinking of microsoft is a bit silly once you want to share or use more then one machine to render.


these kinds of questions are related to “Blender General”,
please check where to post next time…

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if the image is in a different folder than where it was on the old setup blender will not be able to find it.
There are two ways around this:

  • Pack the textures - this puts a copy of the picture inside the .blend file. Good for giving the .blend to other people.
  • Use relative paths - put the texture in the same folder as the .blend and use “//picture.png” as the path to the picture. You can also use “//textures/picture.png” or whatever.

As for your old blends that were broken by the switch, I’m afraid you’ll have to fix them by hand.

ok…sorry about posting question on wrong place, like I said I don’t do this very often…thanx loads for the feedback…as far as packing textures w/ files, mmm sounds good, I guess I’ll figure that one out one of these days…I guess I won’t be just poping old blender files in the new machine just to see how they render etc., not w/o planning on working all the textures again…it does remember most of the tweaks to the tex & the name…thanx again…johnd

Packing a blend file couldn’t be easier … just select File -> Pack Data. The Unpack Data selection also appears in the File menu (top header bar).

ok…yer right, it does seem pretty simple. I’ll assume that it is only taking a copy of the tex. & not removing it from my files…?..I don’t think hooking up my old machine to open my blend files & “packing” each one,considering I have well over 300, is in my future…it does fine once I open the file & go get the tex’s again, it remembers them in this machine fine…thanx again…as usual…johnd

just in case someone else has this problem…I disregarded the "sharred doc’s etc, made a “my documents” folder in “c” [my main drive]& moved “my pictures” folder to it, that seems more familiar to blender, it does go get the textures now, even for the older files…thanx …johnd

Yes, eventually with Blender I think the wisdom becomes making everything go straight to folders in your C; drive. seems to make things easier. I never did get Microsoft’s C:/programs and documents/folder/user data/blah blah blah blah/desktop