Another dumb question

Hello again, in my animation, I have two objects. The one is a duplicate of the other with a different rotation. I lock their location and rotation, but when I change frames, they both are in the same place again. I have tried to clear parents (I dont know if this does anything) and the same thing happens. I dont remember how I fixed this before. Any suggestions?

Select the object that you do not want to move, in the IPO window, click the X next to the IPO data block name. This will clear the IPO from the duplicate object, while leaving it connected the the original.

Thanks I’ll try that!!
It works!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Another dumb question, if I have the same problem yet want the objects to be able to move, how do go about this.

Do you mean, you want to add a new object and have it use the same IPO as another? If so, just select the IPO data block for the new object from the same list you deleted from last time.

Or If you want the second object to follow its own IPO, just create a new IPO for that object.

I want the new object to follow its own ipo. But when I move it, all the other objects that are duplicated from it jump to the same spot and wont follow the ipo I set for them. (I hope this makes sense.) Thank you ahead of time.

I think you are going to have to select each object individually and make sure they have the correct IPO data block selected. I don’t know of an easier way to do that.