Another Earth pic

I’ve been trying to do an image of the Earth for some time now and i think i’m getting better at it.I might of gotten carried away with it,but i kinda like it.Hope you will to.


The earth looks to plastic like the moon is good.

Nice pics !

But i think that the specularity is too high and the transition between light and shadow is not enough sharper.


Thanx for the quick reply’s.I’l take everything into concideration and fix it up.

I see hurricane tomiko on that Eartn!

looks good so far, but try clicking the NOR once more to invert the BumpMap. You may need to take the UVmap of the moon and create a seperate BumpMap from that, by changing the contrast and brightness of it.

He He thanx Spin
I had no real control on the cloud Texture but i thought it looked nice.
Well i took every ones advice and i changed a few settings.It looks like it came out right.What do you think?


I don’t know…maybe it’s me…but the scale looks all wrong. The earth is /much/ larger than the moon. (unless you’re not modelling /our/ planet of course) and quite a good distance away. Maybe it’s just me and just the perspective of the shot but it looks wonky.


Your absolutly right about the scale.I was aiming for a view of the Earth from the Moon.Thought it’ll be more artistic that way.
I’l bring the camera a bit more closer to the Moon and scale the Earth a bit smaller or further away.

Thanx Taladan

Did you know that in NASA images from the moon or even low earth orbit (LEO) stars don’t tregister in photos. They are to dim compared to the big bright round objects in the shot. The addition of stars (even feeble ones) tend to make renders look fake too.

Of course theres allways poetic license, BTW I agree about the perspective.