Another entry for compisitioning contest

(LohnS) #1

well teeth put his in so i thought i might show mine, by no means finished, but getting there

(digitalSlav) #2

maybe some screens for the low banders? really interested just don’t have an hour to down everyone’s work :slight_smile:

(WeirdHat) #3


No offense, but that is the most horribly wrong spelling of “compositing” I’ve ever seen.

(SatoriGFX) #4

The file is only 317k. Even on a 33.6 modem that’s not a big deal.


(steve343) #5

not bad love the movment of the cans but why did u make that paper table on the left? why didnt u just mask it

(theeth) #6

first, my nickname is “theeth”, not “teeth”, but after the 100th time, I don’t care much anymore…

the motion of the cans is pretty good, and the cable on the ground looks as if it was part of the film. However, the lighting looks like it could use some more work, especially on the other table. Also, where are the shadows, and what are those color thingy doing in the window?


(valarking) #7

WeirdHat: who the heck cares? we can read it and understand it cant we?

(stephen2002) #8

humm… intresting.

The can does not seem to be knocked very much considering how fast that ball is moving. The wood table needs some help, it is not casting shadow. Maby you can just take it out completly?

The way the cans roll, it looks like they are on something that is curved (or the cans are weighted).

other than that, it blends together fairly well.

(Vidigiani) #9

While we’re talking about spelling… wierd is spelled W-I-E-R-D :stuck_out_tongue: Remember that lesson your english teacher gave you? I before E except after C :stuck_out_tongue:

(WeirdHat) #10

No, it’s spelled W-E-I-R-D! Look it up in the dictionary!

(Vidigiani) #11

Darn it, of course WEIRD has to be the exception since it is weird :frowning: I like WIERD better… I need to talk to Webster to get him to fix his dictionary :slight_smile:

(Stungun) #12

it’s W-E-I-R-D
WIERD is just a very standard typo :slight_smile: it is very easily spelled wrong

btw NEO?
Kib and Goofster told me that you did a very nice Dragon compositing
movie as well? Or was that a different guy? Anyway, if it’s yours or
if you know where i could download it, please tell me

btw i like the movie, but indeed the lighting could use some work just to
-blend- the 3D objects some more into the background

(rndrdbrian) #13

How about a composting contest? :smiley:


(S68) #14

How about a composting contest? :smiley:

/me wishes to participate to a compassionate contest.


(steve343) #15

im supriced know ones piked me up on me speeling :smiley:

(blengine) #16

haha pretty cool! nice compostiting project…i think the can movement looks pretty good, and real

(Stungun) #17

im supriced know ones piked me up on me speeling :smiley:

lol, say WHAT?

mhhh this thread is starting to wander off from the subject :slight_smile:

let’s keep it real people :smiley:
-Stungun [/quote]

(LohnS) #18

thanx for the comments every1 =).

oh and about the cans, b4 i animated them, i went out into the garage (don’t you USA guys call then car ports or sumthin =P) anyway i got a basketball and 2 cans and off i went. So i rkeon i got the curving etc pretty close to what i observed in my tests.