Another experiment: a face. Last update.

:smiley: the mad scientist, eh eh!
Well, i was playing with the noise function, and i wanted to do something different from a landscape… so i prepared a black and white texure and a subdivided plan… The result was ugly, i left him in a corner. I was totally unable to move vertex at that time.
But now i am a bit more capable and have reblended it!

Now i’m learnig materials and lights, so i have used it to make some practice.
Here’s the result.

I still see something wrong in this face.

So, help me to find what it is, before i remove the seams, please!!! :frowning:

I like eyes the most.

Full of the image above.

It looks good, can’t really see anything particularly wrong.

whoa! you did that with the noise function? thats cool I can’t see anything wrong with the face either. what do you see wrong with it??


The face has many problems with it, which is why it looks perfect and I don’t see anything you should change.

If you’re going for anatomical correctness, don’t. The flaming metal rods of death coming out the sides of his head make it clear it’s not really a person. It looks a bit like a metal mask with some glass eyes in it.

So go with this underlying geometry! Don’t “fix” the face – add small details like cracks, tiny bumps, rust texture, that sort of thing to give it a “real” look, and render it.


Innovative way of blending! BTW, the proportions of the face look very good for me. Keep it up.

I agree with the others that the face looks good for the application you’re doing! (I really like the center image of the “sun mask” thing… at first I didn’t know about the purple eyes, but they seem to go well, again, with what your using them for…)

Also, don’t be afraid to go ahead and join your sides… its no big thing to delete half your mesh vertices (leave those along the centerline) and re-mirror it to tweak it, then re-join it. I usually do it many times during a centerline-symmetrical model project. No biggie… :wink:

Keep at it! Tinker with textures like PhiloVivero said! Its coming along

:smiley: Hey, thanks for the replies!!!
Ok, so i will not change much in the head. About what i see wrong, it is something in the nose, maibe the part between eyes, or how it “go inside” above the mouth (sorry, i don’t know how to say… i’m italian).

and i will add some details.

Thanks again!

Wow, that looks great! I think the thing you see wrong with it is that the indentation between the lips and the nose is too deep and pronounced for your tastes. It’s good the way it is, but it would be interesting to see how it would look if that area was more “human.”

That is cool! I never thought of using the noise function to model anything. I will probably try that! only, if you have the sides darker than the middle, it will require less tweeking.

one thing:
the dent in the lip is not really too deep, but it almost looks like it plugs the nose. pull the part inside the nostril farther back. (unless you liek it how it is)
a top view of the nostril would probably look like this right now:
|_/ |
It should look more like this:

| . |

hope you understand

Thanks for replies :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
You are right! That’s what looks strange.
I will fix it.

Now a little update:
Smiling and some stones. I think it is some kind of god, but i’m not shure.
I want to obtain a soft, dreamy scene… maibe adding mist?

One thing I’ve always wondered… if the seam doesn’t define a cusp, why does the seam always show so clearly?

It looks like the two sides of the object have two totally different materials. But why should that be?

Removing seams is such a huge pain in the a-- that it’d be super-cool to be able to just never remove the seam in the first place.

There’s a meta-problem: how to join two separate meshes together such that at the point where they join, there isn’t a cusp? And why does the human have to do SO MUCH WORK to get that? Computers are good at doing hard, stupid work. Why does the human always have to spend so much time stitching things together?


It’s not hard to remove the seam. Here’s how I do it. This may seem a bit long, but only in a verbal explanation. In fact I do it in just a few seconds without thinking it about it.

  1. Before making a mirrored copy of your half face, in edit mode select one vertex on the edge. (Future seam)
  2. Next select “Shift-S” then select “curser to selection”
  3. Go to object mode, (Tab key), press editing “F-9” press the “Center Curser” button.
  4. Make a mirror copy (Shift-D) of your face and move it to the side of the original face.
  5. In Object mode with the new face object still selected press “Ctrl-M”, select “X-Local”
  6. Your cursor should still be at the location of the original face object. (If you accidentally moved it to another location then select the original face object, then “shift-S” then “Curser to selection”)
  7. With the new face object selected press “shift-S’ then “object to curser” this will align the original and copy perfectly.
  8. Merge the two face objects together. (select both then “Ctrl-J”)
  9. Go into edit mode (Tab) select all vertices on the seam.
  10. Press “W”, select “remove doubles “ confirm.

Phill, the seam shows clearly because i haven’t removed it yet.
The material is the same, but there’s a coloured ligth on one side.
Removing it is not hard!
I suggest you the new guide, it is online at Blender site. Me i have the italian version and there is almost everiything!
I also suggest you to tweak the “remove doubles” limit to make it join vertex even if they are not totally one above one (don’ know how to say and i have no dictonaries at school).
But not too much, or it will join every vertex! For two (only two for time!) vertex that are too much far from one another, you can also use w key - merge at center.
Me i alwais mess up the mesh during simmetric modelling, so i cannot make vertex align perfectly… an i use methods above!

TiZeta, it is very good, but it desparately needs some sort of texture on the irises.

A third experiment in the second experiment: the irises. I haven’t added a texture, i have… modeled them!
The image has only some stucci texture for bumpmaps.
Everithing is modeled, eyeborws and mouth varnish too.

And a whole render here:

Now i need some trick to finish adorning her. I don’t like those stones around the face too…
I think i will post the finished version after this.

I see something wrong. The nose is connecting in the dip of the upp portion above the lip. It should connect above there. I hope this helps.

:smiley: :smiley:
Thanks for the comment Strongbad! That’s not the only wrong thing.
chin is too long, the low part of the mouth is too big, cheeks and nose are strange… as i fix something i immediately see something else wrong. It’s a bit frustrating.

you shouldnt need to do all that!

heres my method

start modelling, with a cloned version (use alt - d instead of ctrl - d, the mesh will update itself as you change the origional), and mirror the clone using the transform menu and setting one of the axis to a negative (i.e. instead of scale = 1.0, set it to scale = -1.0). this will flip the clone and you can then move it close to the origional face and start working.

once you are satisfied with the result, select both halves and press ctrl - j, and then recalculate the normals (they might be messed up). using the box select (b) select the 2 sets of identical verts in the middle of the two halves, and press “s” to scale, then while moving the mouse across the seam press the MMB, which will constrain scaling to that axis. hold down control and scale right down to 0, then remove doubles.


you should see his meshes :wink:

Thaaaaaaankssssssss!!! [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!]

You have saved me.